The Friends of Chicksands Priory

The Legend and Lore

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The book outlines the stories of the legends and the ghosts of Chicksands. Originally written in 1958, as "Chicksands Priory" by three young members of the United States Air Force, it was re-issued in 1963 without the original photographs and drawings. Under the title of "Legend and Lore".

In 1983 it was republished, having been updated, enlarged to include photographs and indexed. The new edition, soon to be published, will cover the intervening years until 1996. This was the year the Friends' activities were dormant from that summer until the restoration of the Priory (1997-98) was completed and the building was re-opened to the public, Easter Sunday 1999.

The original 1963 cover can be seen opposite.

There are many other books that touch on or go into more detail about the Giblertines or Chicksands Priory and we have put a list together.
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